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(Latest update: November 8, 2017)
Herb Lindberg

Recent Events
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Links to events are given below, most recent on top:

2017 Fall Festival -- A selected group of Shirley Moon's photos show the beautiful day and educational fun had by a good crowd.

2014 Bridgeport Stabilization Groundbreaking -- This was a momentus day to celebrate a year's work by the Save Our Bridge Committee and many others who contributed vitally to securing funds to stabilize and ultimately restore the Bridgeport Bridge so we can once again close our eyes and feel the history, hear the horses' hooves, the rattling of the wagons and go back into the soul and history of the bridge.

2012 Ghosts Return to Bridgeport, Fall Festival -- A new Ghosts Return show in the Historic Barn is a big hit to a full house at two showings, plus all the usual fun stuff and a great turnout of vendor booths.

2012 Spring Festival; 150th Anniversary of the Covered Bridge -- A very special 3-day celebration with tours, music, and the play, "Voices From Bridgeport Past," video embedded.

2011 Ghosts Return to Bridgeport, Fall Festival -- A new Ghosts Return show in the Historic Barn is a big hit to a full house at four showings.

2011 Bridgeport Spring Festival and Art Show --

2010 Bridgeport Fall Festival -- Ghosts of Bridgeport -- Ghosts of Bridgeport returns as a haunted bridge, plus all the other activities on this special day in perfect weather.

2010 Humbug Day at Malakoff Diggins -- Informal pictures of one of the premier events of the California State Parks Gold Sector trio of parks.

2010 California Preservation Conference -- Tour of Bridgeport

2010 Bridgeport Spring Festival  Visitors enjoyed fun for the whole family -- face painting, paper flower making, gold panning, hot dogs, ice cream, blacksmith and yarn spinning demonstrations, horse-drawn wagon rides, music by Bite the Bullet and The String Sisters, bridge and barn tours, plus a Mountain Man encampment with all their gear from the gold rush era.

2009 Bridgeport Fall Festival: About 800 visitors enjoyed pumpkin painting, face painting, several children's games with prizes, paper flower making, wagon rides, hot dogs, ice cream, music, an overnight Mountain Man encampment, plus all the other regular activities at the park.

Tour by the Gold Country PT Cruisers Club, October 24, 2009.  The club toured the Kneebone Cemetery, Wood's covered bridge, the barn and wagons, Kneebone gas station, and Visitor Center. A wonderful group of 18 PT Cruisers and 32 club members.

Late-season Spring Wildflowers, April 30, 2009.  Barbara Heninger contributed many photos of these flowers, taken downriver from Family Beach and upriver on the Buttermilk Bend Trail. Barbara is an accomplished photographer and writer for the Mountain View Symphonic Band and local choral groups and an opera company in the Bay Area.

2009 Bridgeport Spring Festival, April 26, 2009: This year's Living History Day and Art Show included a Mountain Man encampment in addition to a dozen artists in booths across from the entrance to the historic barn. We estimate that 350 visitors enjoyed the event and also the river and trails to nature's beauty.

Tour by the Gra-Nev A's, Car Club, April 11, 2009. Eight Model A's and 14 club members visited Bridgeport for a tour of the Cemetery, Gas Station, Barn, and Bridge.

2008 Bridgeport Fall Festival: This year's new emphasis on family activities was a huge success.  As many as 800 visitors enjoyed pumpkin painting, face painting, wagon rides, hot dogs, ice cream, pies, music by three groups, and an overnight Mountain Man encampment, plus all the other regular activities at the park.

New Link to Bridgeport's Past, September 7, 2008: An old marriage certificate mailed to the Penn Valley Chamber of Commerce from a woman researching her family history in the United Kingdom has changed the way docents and rangers tell the history of Bridgeport.

2008 Living History Day and Art Show, April 27, 2008: The addition of an Art Show & Sale made this the all-time best attended event (so far!) at Bridgeport.  The quality and variety of art was outstanding as you can see in this 4-page pictorial of the event.

Rolling Through History -- Grand Opening of the Historic Barn and Wagon Exhibit, September 16, 2007: This was milestone day at Bridgeport as hundreds came to witness the opening and tour the wagons for the first time.  Photo coverage was extensive enough to post an on-line version of the barn and wagon exhibits.

The Historic Barn Gets a New Floor, July 17, 2007:  A large crew of park employees and docents shovel and wheelbarrow a huge mound of decomposed granite into the barn, spread it by hand, and pack it down into a new floor -- a sight to behold.

Wagons West -- Two "Conserved" Freight Wagons Return to the Historic Barn, June 21, 2007: Just over two years ago, these two freighters were shipped to Pennsylvania where an expert conserver brought the wagons into a functional condition while keeping as much of the original materials as possible intact.

2007 Living History Day, April 29, 2007:  This annual end-of-April event was a great day for park Rangers, docents, and an estimated 400 visitors.  It was Cal Rowlands' final appearance with his horse-drawn covered wagon, and he was busy all day.

2006 Ghosts of Bridgeport and Historic-Barn Opening:  This year the annual Ghosts of Bridgeport pageant was accompanied by the Historic-Barn Opening Ceremony, both making Sunday, October 29, 2006 a very special day at the park.

2006 Maidu Indian Salmon Ceremony:  The noon-time conclusion was performed by the Tsi-Akim Maidu Tribe at Family Beach on Saturday, October 7, 2006.  The event and principal players are described in a 20-picture story.

2006 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at 4:30 pm, Sunday, September 24, 2006: a party and barbecue dinner at park headquarters, with live music and awards for a few special volunteers.