Ghosts of Bridgeport and Historic-Barn Opening
Herb Lindberg

Sunday, October 29, 2006
Part 1 of 2

This was a great day at the park.  The docents and park rangers put on the annual Ghosts of Bridgeport pageant and, with the Penn Valley Area Chamber of Commerce, also celebrated the opening of the Historic Barn as a museum of Gold Rush Era transportation.  The day was warm and beautiful and we had the largest attendance ever for a park event. We give heartfelt thanks to the many volunteers and associations who made the barn opening dream into a reality.  A complete schedule of events and wagon layout in the barn is at Barn_opening.pdf.

The Barn Stormin' Committee

Don Denton, Chairman
Diane Marten, President, SYRPA
Clint Gunderson, Vice-President, SYRPA
George Tilley, Treasurer, SYRPA
Jean Wilson, Secretary, SYRPA


Community Outreach: Judy Nichols and Howard Voshell
Construction: Bill Haselhorst, Bert Hall and Tom Hall
Grants and Institutional Donations: Betty McCown and Dennis Monax
Historical Resource Advisor: Chuck Scimeca
Publicity: Cheryl Madrid
Interpretive Panels: Dick Alexander,  Barbara Brueckner,  Dave Macdonald,  
    Steve Pauly and Chuck Scimeca

California State Park Liaisons

Ron Munson, Superintendent, Sierra Gold Sector
Donna Rea Jones, Regional Interpretive Specialist, Cultural Resource Division
Bill Lindemann, Interpretive Specialist, Sierra District
Judith Polanich, Museum Curator II, Sierra District
Steve Moses, Chief of State Parks Maintenance

South Yuba River State Park Staff

Jeremy McReynolds, Supervising Ranger
Jeremy Alling, Park Ranger
Wayne Deese, Park Ranger
Mike Smittle, Park Ranger
Kahn, K9 Park Ranger
Mike Martinez, Park Maintenance Assistant

We also give thanks to the many volunteers who put on this wonderful two-for-one day of activities, and in particular their leaders:

Celebration Coordinators:

Event Chairmen: Donna Brown and Diane Marten
Decorations and Set-up Chairmen:Tuffy Haselhorst and Vicky Macdonald
Resource Chairmen: Doug Leach and Barry Connick


Volunteers prepare for the day in the Visitor Center as early arrivers enjoy the exhibits.

Jeanne Powell and Carolie Brenan as two Ghosts of Bridgeport near the gold panning trough.

Music by Ragged But Right started right on time at 11:00 a.m.

Our resident Nisenan Judy Nichols joins in as rhythm before getting into her Nisenan Native American role.

Costumed young visitors were in the "ghosts" spirit.

This guy was really scary as Count Dracula, ...

... while this girl was exceptionally pretty.

Roberta Canier (far left) had to stand on a platform to explain the day's activities to the huge crowd.

Same scene, pan to the right to show more crowd and activities.

Judy Nichols, too, had to shout her Nisenan activities to her enraptured audience.

Delicious hot dogs and polish sausage were a big hit, as usual.

Two artists deeply involved in pumpkin painting.

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