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2010 California Preservation Conference
Herb Lindberg
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Part 1 of 3

Turn on your sound for Dueling Banjos

This year's conference of the California Preservation Foundation was held May 12 to May 15 in Nevada County, with headquarters in the Miner's Foundry in Nevada City.  Six tours were available to attendees, three on the first day, May 12, and three on the last day, May 15. The latter tours were:

Historic Foothill Estate Landscape Preservation
Restore or Conserve?  Covered Bridge and Barn at Bridgeport
Walking Tours of Nevada City and Grass Valley

Twelve attendees toured the Covered Bridge and Barn at Bridgeport. They left the Holliday Inn in Grass Valley at 8:45 a.m. by private bus, with SYRSP docent Don Denton on board to give them a brief history of Bridgeport as an introduction to the tour. They arrived at Bridgeport at 9:30 a.m., when the pictorial story below begins.

The story is divided into three web pages, and given in the chronological order in which the event unfolded.

 Page 1

Welcome by Ranger Jane Hall and interpretation specialist Bill Lindemann, tour covered bridge with history and construction by Bill Lindemann.
     Page 2 Coffee break--gas station project, slide show by Donna Rea Jones on Gold Rush era wagons in action, lunch break, attendees become a 16-horse hitch.
     Page 3 Wheel horse end of 16-horse hitch, Bill Lindemann explains volunteer contribu- tions in barn gallery, Donna Rea leads tour of wagons in the barn.

SYRSP Association President Ron Ernst and tour arranger Diane Marten review the day's schedule.

Ranger Jane Hall welcomes the group and introduces coming speakers.

California Parks interpretation specialist Bill Lindemann continues welcome to Bridgeport.

Conference attendees listen attentively.

A tent keeps things cool on the beautiful warm day.

The group heads to the barn, where Bill Lindemann explains how the barn served travelers headed to the bridge.

Bill Lindemann gives the explanation at the entrance to the barn, through which one can see the covered bridge.

A conference attendee photographs the barn and its exit toward the bridge.

Another attendee takes a picture from the other end of the barn.

They arrive at the bridge.

Bill begins his interpretation of the bridge.

Don Denton gets attendees to imagine crossing the bridge on a freight wagon pulled by a 16-mule/horse hitch.

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