2008 Living History and Art Show
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Herb Lindberg

Part 1 of 4

This year, an Art Show & Sale was added to all the activities of previous Living History Days, making this a day of all-time record attendance at Bridgeport.   More than 50 artists displayed their works in booths in and near the fenced yard surrounding the Historic Barn.  Opening this area to the celebration provided plenty of room for the added attendance, so the event was festive but not crowded. The photos that follow focus more on the Art Show because Living History photos from 2007 are available.

The photos are given in four parts (Web pages) as follows.  A few items (mainly artists) on each page are listed for those looking for specific things or are coming back to see items again.  I apologize for not being able to photograph all the artists and representative work.

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Part 1*.  Show entry, Jerry Murphy, Jerry Hall, Claus Sievert, Monique Hanson, Tricia Burbank.
Part 2.  Art raffle, Marilyn Rose, Sandra DeLong, Beth Donnelly, Jane Welles, Odette Brush.
Part 3.  Trudy Hayden, Susan Barry, Park Living History activities.
Part 4.  Celtic Duo music, David McKay, artist group photo, wagon rides, blacksmith, activities.

Visitors entered from the parking lot directly into the Art Show area.

Those who walked directly down from Pleasant Valley Road went into the barnyard booths.
Some of Jerry Hall's wooden art objects are on the left.

Jerry Murphy among his beautiful paintings and cards.

Jerry Hall demonstrates woodworking techniques not far from his display of wood products.

He uses a cut-off tool as a volunteer is ready to catch the workpiece.

Claus Sievert and a few of his etchings.

Monique Hanson discusses her oils with an attendee.

Monique's favorite subjects are horses, displayed inside her booth ...

... and outside her booth.

Tricia Burbank and stylish Katie Wolff in Tricia's booth

Tricia paints beautiful gourds.

Scroll forth and back to see a few of Tricia's works.

Lindy Hahn and George Case sell raffle tickets for items donated by attending artists.
All profit went to the South Yuba River Park Association to help pay for the event and future activities.

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