2008 Living History and Art Show
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Herb Lindberg

Part 3 of 4

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Part 1.  Show entry, Jerry Murphy, Jerry Hall, Claus Sievert, Monique Hanson, Tricia Burbank.
Part 2.  Art raffle, Marilyn Rose, Sandra DeLong, Beth Donnelly, Jane Welles, Odette Brush.
Part 3*.  Trudy Hayden, Susan Barry, Park Living History activities.
Part 4.  Celtic Duo music, David McKay, artist group photo, wagon rides, blacksmith, activities.


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SYRSP Volunteer and Docent Doug Leach on duty among the booths

Doug Leach surrounded by art

A guest joins Trudy Hayden and Susan Barry in their booth

Close-up of Trudy Hayden

Art included many specialty items such as these cups and cards.

Meanwhile, Docent Harold Tieg gives tours of the Historic Barn and wagons.

Volunteer Dick Alexander explains photos of 19th century wagons similar to wagons in the barn. 

Former Ranger Chuck Scimeca (as Andrew Kneebone) describes the log wagon and its use.

Dick Alexander and wife Dodie with two of their grandchildren

Docent Bill Blount, from Empire Mine Historical Park, demonstrates blacksmith techniques.

Volunteer and Docent Howard Voshell (as Alfred Kneebone) discusses his Shell station.

Food stand and action near the Visitor Center (in the background)

Panning for gold, a favorite activity for children of all ages

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