2008 Living History and Art Show
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Herb Lindberg

Part 4 of 4

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Part 1.  Show entry, Jerry Murphy, Jerry Hall, Claus Sievert, Monique Hanson, Tricia Burbank.
Part 2.  Art raffle, Marilyn Rose, Sandra DeLong, Beth Donnelly, Jane Welles, Odette Brush.
Part 3.  Trudy Hayden, Susan Barry, Park Living History activities.
Part 4*.  Celtic Duo music, David McKay, artist group photo, wagon rides, blacksmith, activities.


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A guest thumbs through a book on the history table.

Celtic Duo Joery Kiva (guitar) and Kai McKenzie (violin) play as they wander from place to place.
Mountain Laurel also performed throughout the day.

David McKay checks out other booths.

David McKay and wife Suzanne were very busy in their booth all day.

A more complete view of David's prize-winning photographs

I talked David into letting me arrange his awards to take this picture. All are for his recent book, above the awards.

Toward the end of the event a group of artists volunteered for a picture.  Left to right:
Marilyn Rose, Daly Merrill, Sandra Delong, Warren Knox, Penelope Partch,
Susan Moreno, Linda Roemisch, Beth Donnelly, Odette Brush, Jane Welles

Horse-drawn wagon on the Virginia Turnpike heading to go over Wood's bridge

Happy passengers

Docents Dennis Monax and Bill Blount yuk it up at the blacksmith pit.

The Penn Valley Chamber of Commerce, avid park supporter, sell tickets for the upcoming rodeo.

One of the raffle winners receives her prize from Ranger Jeremy McReynolds as Jean Wilson looks on.

Favorite photos from this web site were displayed in large size prints made by David McKay

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