Web-running Video Shows of Selected Events
Herb Lindberg
(Latest Update  November 26, 2016)

As a supplement to the straight pictorial Web page reports that comprise the bulk of this Web site, I am now posting a few features in the form of video slide shows with zoom and pan action (think Ken Burns' Civil War series made mainly with still pictures) and music. Now that YouTube displays high resolution video I am posting these shows exclusively on YouTube with links from this site.

My older shows were posted for Photodex software because that was the only method that gave high quality. As time allows I'm replacing these with YouTube videos.

Summary of Popular Videos
Posted November 5, 2017

These are selected groups of my videos that play in sequence.
Two of the groups are about South Yuba River State Park.
You can scroll below a playing video to select a specific one from the group.
The videos show best in full screen.
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Save Our Park
South Yuba River State Park
Posted January 8, 2012
Revised version with music posted February 11, 2013

This show describes facilities and activities at the park, many of which would be lost if the park were closed even temporarily. State legislators are considering such a move in an attempt to save a few dollars. This show is a must-view for these decision makers.  Also, it is a good place for new visitors to become familiar with the park's most important features and how they got there.

Living History + Art Show

On Living History Day April 27, 2008 docents combined the event with an Art Show & Sale, with booths in the corral area behind (toward the river) the Historic Barn. This combined event has been run several times since then.  Because this combined event was new to the community, we created a video slide show to illustrate what to expect.  About half the artists were able to contribute example works to include in the slide show.  These works plus many more, from these artists and the others (totaling more than 50 artists) resulted in a display of hundreds of beautiful works to enjoy and purchase.

Living History Day
combined with Art Show & Sale
Run time 6:40 min

Docent and Visitor Activities

Each march three volunteer cross-training classes are held at Empire Mine SHP (in 2008, March 12, 13, 14  from 8:45 AM to Noon) followed by three classes specific to the South Yuba River SP (March 15, 19, April 5  from 9:00 AM to Noon). This video shows activities volunteers perform at SYRSP, to help potential volunteers decide if they would be interested and what activities interest them most.  If you are encouraged to join us, please call the Visitor Center at 530-432-2546 to reserve a place in the next March  class series, and drop into the Visitor Center to learn how you can help.

More generally, the shows below display most of the park activities of interest to the visiting public, so it is a good introduction for people to plan their visits to the park. Further information is available at the official park association website.


Docent Activities
Run Time 8:29 min

Bridgeport Wagons

The barn and its relationship to the bridge at Bridgeport, CA is introduced, and then six of the wagons in the barn plus the hay press are presented in some detail. This is a preview of what you will see and learn by touring the barn in person. Group tours can be arranged by calling the South Yuba River State Park at 530-432-2546.

Bridgeport Wagons
Run Time 3:10 min

Annual Events and Barn Improvements

Six of the shows below, in the top and bottom rows, are annual events.  The center row focuses on some of the work done to create an interpretive center for transportation in the Bridgeport region, with emphasis on the Gold Rush period just before and after the covered bridge was built in 1862.

The last show in the center row is the celebration and formal opening of this interpretive center in the Historic Barn. After three years of work by park docents, volunteers and California State Park employees, the Historic Barn is now opened as an interpretive exhibit of transportation through Bridgeport, and the public display of historic wagons, a hay press and hay fork.  The interpretive center theme is: "Bridgeport, a vital transportation link on the shortest historic trans-Sierran wagon route."  It was made possible by private donations of these items over several decades to the California State Parks Archeology, History and Museums Division, Museum Initiative Unit, and by financial grants and private contributions.

The Humbug Day shows in the bottom row are of events at Malakoff Diggins State Park, which is not far from Bridgeport and is supported by some of the same park rangers and docents that work at Bridgeport.  These events are an inspiration for park celebrations throughout Nevada County.

Last Sunday in October
Run time 4:14 min

February through May
Run time 13:08 min

Last Sunday in April
Run time 3:54 min

June 21, 2007
Run time 2:51 min

July 17, 2007
Run time 3:02 min

September 16, 2007
Run time 6:41 min

October Ritual
Run time 4:19 min

Second Sunday in June
Run time 5:51 min

Second Sunday in June
Run time 7:50 min