2010 Bridgeport Spring Festival
Herb Lindberg
Sunday, April 25, 2010
Part 1 of 4

Turn on your sound for BITE THE BULLET's Workin' Man Blues

Spring Festival is an exciting day of fun and learning for the whole family, including many activities for children. Music filled the air from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., as Bite the Bullet played on a stage area  next to the Historic Barn, and the String Sisters (Emily Roberts Brockway and Laxi Tyrrell) played violin an cello near the covered bridge.

Mountain Man campers told stories and answered questions from their several tents set up the night before in the grassy area next to the Visitor Center.  They also explained the workings of and demonstrated their muzzle loading long rifles, which were used in their hunting and trapping livelihood.  As at the recent Fall Festival, several long bows were also on display. Meanwhile, others in the Mountain Man group took children and adults on wagon rides along the Virginia Turnpike, but not across the covered bridge as done in previous years. (The state has been slow in their safety inspection and certification of the bridge.)

Food booths were bustling with hot dogs, chili, ice cream and other delights for the tummy. Face painting, flower making, and other activities made for very happy children.

All the normal park activities were also in full swing.  Docents greeted visitors at the information table, answered questions about gold-rush era wagons in the barn, told the history and features of the covered bridge, demonstrated blacksmith and yarn spinning techniques, and helped children of all ages pan for gold and bottle their treasure to take home with them.

This pictorial story of the event is divided into four pages, simply in the chronological order in which they were taken:

     Page 1 Bite the Bullet music group, artist's booths, singing artists, Park Volunteers sell raffle tickets, costumed players enjoy hand-dipped ice cream bars (this page)
     Page 2 Young family in Mountain Man area, volunteers explain Kneebone gas station project, gold panning, paper flower making.
     Page 3 Yarn spinning, The String Sisters play violin and cello, horse-drawn wagon rides, covered bridge tour, face painting.
     Page 4 Face painting, Visitor Center, raffle winner announcements, Dave Taylor barn photograph winner, pottery tent.

This group picture of BITE THE BULLET is from the Fall Festival, with no shadow from tent covers.

Instead, pictures this Spring were close-ups, where the bright sun contrasts could be minimized.
Ronnie Elkin on violin and background vocals

Substitute for Duncan Elledge on Bass

Shelley Elkan on acoustic guitar and vocals

Rob Shotwell on electric guitar and vocals

BITE THE BULLET, Homestyle Swing

Photographs by Jeannine Bourdeaux and scenic paintings by Sharon Lane for sale

Sunlight Botanicals and crafts

Rosie and Jenny Ayala entertain as they display their art.

... with smiles

Docents ran a raffle with donated items from artists and photographers,
all proceeds to the Park Association for improvements and running activities like this festival

Mountain Man and woman enjoy hand dipped ice cream bars -- I had one too: yummy!

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