Late-season Spring Wildflowers

Guest Contributor Barbara Heninger
Posted May 3, 2009

Barbara and Andy Heninger of Los Altos, CA visited the park with Herb Lindberg on Thursday, April 30, 2009.  The hills and trails were no longer filled with tufted poppies, but late-blooming wildflowers made for an interesting display. We headed first downriver past family beach onto the rock-strewn sand because I knew this was the best place to view Harlequin Lupine and Snowdrop bushes, which Barbara and Andy hadn't seen before. Then we headed out the Buttermilk Bend Trail and went as far as French Corral Creek. Barbara's photos below highlight some of the flowers that are in bloom.

Harlequin Lupine among the beach rocks

Close-up of a colorful specimen

Rosy Clover covered some of the fields on the Buttermilk Bend Trail.

There were many examples of Globe Gilia.

A few Elegant Brodiaea were on display

This Vari-leaf Phacelia has a sculpted elegance.

The many colors of Sulpher Pea blooms

California Buckeye are starting their burst into bloom.

Curling nicely displayed why this is called Goldback Fern.

Winecup Clarkia were sparse but beautiful.

Globe Lilies were quietly going to seed. Note the curled petals as the seedpod bursts forth from the flower.

Perfect lighting brought forth the structure of these Monkey Flower Bush blossoms.

Foothill Penstemon at its peak

Twining Snake Lily with a beautiful shade of purple-pink.

Gaping Penstemon (Keckiella breviflora) -- strikingly beautiful