Malakoff Diggins

2010 Humbug Day
Herb Lindberg
Saturday, June 12, 2010
Part 1 of 2

Humbug Day at Malakoff Diggins is one of the signature celebrations of the Gold Sector of the California State Parks in Nevada County (which includes Empire Mine and the South Yuba River as well as Malakoff Diggins).  The annual celebration starts at 11 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. on the second Saturday in June.

The pictures on these two pages are very informal and show only the action on Main Street, a small fraction of the total activities.  Pictures from previous years, which cover the celebration more thoroughly, were posted as video slide shows.  The video below is of the 2006 event and concentrates on the historic buildings, celebration music, and the parade:

The following link is to a video of the 2007 event, which concentrates on outdoor activities and the parade:

Both videos are at 1080p resolution for sharp resolution even in full screen, which is highly recommended.

Page 1

General Store: root beer barrel, kids at washing machine, blasting magnetos, office and safe in rear rooms, open heating stove, scales; covered wagon, parade begins.
     Page 2 E. Clampus Vitus car, Main Street scenes, same kids, pretty ladies in costume, water canon in action, Buffalo Gals photos, Malakoff volunteer projects poster.

SYRSP Volunteer Mary Lindberg at root beer barrel in the McKillican-Mobley General Store

These young girls loved the store...

...and were intrigued by this old hand-powered washing machine.

Bells for a lead horse, and two magneto blaster boxes

Office in a room at back of the store. Why the steel bars on the windows?...

...because a safe in the room contained cash, and gold from hydraulic mining.

Display case in the same room; small bedroom farther back.

The store was heated by this walk-around stove. Men gathered to relax and tell stories. Women gathered at the front of the store.

Scales on the store counter.

Covered wagon on one of many circuits around town, each time with a new group of passengers

Happy children wave

Festive atmosphere on Main Street, North Bloomfield

Parade begins

Led by trombone and Scout Troop 21...

...followed by the covered wagon, a pack mule, and Brownie Troup 402

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