Visit by Gold Country PT Cruisers

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Part 1 of 2

At 12 noon sharp, eighteen PT Cruisers appeared on the Virginia Turnpike to begin their tour of the park at Bridgeport.  A brief recap of the tour is given here on two web pages. This is Part 1, and summarizes their arrival and tours of Kneebone Cemetery and Wood's covered bridge. Throughout both parts, links are given in the photo captions to material on this web site that covers the topics being explained by the park volunteers.

Some of the 18 PT Cruisers parked on the Virginia Turnpike heading toward the barn.

Former club president Clyde Waldrop and his wife Michelle
This is not their PT Cruiser. Theirs is bright red and called "Ramblin' Rose."

Closer crop into the couple

View from the back of the train of cars as Michelle and friend walk toward Kneebone Cemetery

Howard Voshell begins to tell the stories of the families who lived in the Bridgeport portion of the South Yuba River State Park.

The Kneebone Cemetery is privately owned and still cared for by Kneebone descendents.

Howard tells of the Thompson, Wood, Cole, and Kneebone families and how they came to what is now Bridgeport.

Another view of club members as they listen to Howard's interesting story.

Then it was off to Wood's covered bridge, the longest single-span covered bridge in the U.S.

Club member stream out of the bridge after a few of Howard's stories about the bridge.

Volunteer Ardie Obert and her son.  Ardie often helps with car club visits.

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