Tour Group From the
2010 California Preservation Conference
Herb Lindberg
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Part 3 of 3

The story is divided into three web pages, and given in the chronological order in which the event unfolded.

     Page 1 Welcome by Ranger Jane Hall and interpretation specialist Bill Lindemann, tour covered bridge with history and construction by Bill Lindemann.
     Page 2 Coffee break--gas station project, slide show by Donna Rea Jones on Gold Rush era wagons in action, lunch break, attendees become a 16-horse hitch.
  Page 3
Wheel horse end of 16-horse hitch, Bill Lindemann explains volunteer contribu- tions in barn gallery, Donna Rea leads tour of wagons in the barn.

The "horses" keep coming ...

... and finally to the wheel horse (sans wheels and wagon).

As introduction to the barn tour, Bill Lindemann explains barn restoration and displays done mainly by park volunteers.

One of the interpretive displays of gold rush era transportation is behind bill.

Closer view of Bill Lindemann, Don Denton, and John Olmstead.

Donna Rea Jones begins to describe the barn and wagons in it.

From Donna Rea's viewpoint

Donna Rea begins with the log wagon (in foreground).

Her enthusiasm shows loud and clear.

She continues her log wagon description. Click here for photos and descriptions of all the wagons and the hay press.

Donna Rea ends with a brief discussion of the larger freight wagon in the next section of the barn.

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