Tour Group From the
2010 California Preservation Conference
Herb Lindberg
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Part 2 of 3

The story is divided into three web pages, and given in the chronological order in which the event unfolded.

     Page 1 Welcome by Ranger Jane Hall and interpretation specialist Bill Lindemann, tour covered bridge with history and construction by Bill Lindemann.

 Page 2

Coffee break--gas station project, slide show by Donna Rea Jones on Gold Rush era wagons in action, lunch break, attendees become a 16-horse hitch.
     Page 3 Wheel horse end of 16-horse hitch, Bill Lindemann explains volunteer contribu- tions in barn gallery, Donna Rea leads tour of wagons in the barn.

After the bridge tour the group viewed gas station progress as they returned to the Visitor Center for coffee and cookies. 

Just inside was a display of books, including the recent wildflower book by Merry Byles-Daly's 4th-5th grade class. Everyone gushed over the book's novel idea of wildflower interpretation by children to younger children, particularly Ranger Jane Hall and interpretation specialists Bill Lindemann and Donna Rae Jones.

Cover page of the children's wildflower book

Everyone broke for lunch after a slide show in the Visitor Center by Donna Rae Jones on Gold Rush era wagons in action.
A few of the types she discussed are among the wagons in the barn.

Some tried their hand at gold panning during the lunch break.

Then Don Denton gathered the attendees to be horses in a 16-hitch
pulling an imagined freight wagon (viewed from lead horse end).

Zoom in to the wheel horse end (nearest the imagined freight wagon).

Don explains commands teamsters used to direct their horses.

The "horses" head toward the barn.

Don shouts "Haw!" for a left turn.

The team has turned completely around and is heading back toward the Visitor Center.
Note the lead horses have bells, to let oncoming wagons in the opposite direction know they're coming around a blind corner.

They keep coming.


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