2008 Bridgeport Fall Festival
Herb Lindberg

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Part 4 of 5

This pictorial report of the event is divided into five pages as follows:

Page 1.  Wagon rides, gold panning, face painting
Page 2.  Pumpkin painting, barn tours
Page 3.  Animal life booth, Visitor Center, Mountain Man (and Woman) camp
Page 4.  Music (this page)
Page 5.  Lunch and desert, blacksmith, live history visits, docent high jinks

Celtic Duo Kai McKenzie (violin) and Joery Kiva (guitar) play as they wander, here on the Visitor Center porch. 

The Anderson Family warm up behind the barn early in the day.

Another view shows the fourth child.

The youngest children.  The girl plays violin and the whole family sings, very well.

The whole family.

The Anderson Family on stage next to the barn.
The harsh light and severe shadows limited performance photos of the musicians.

Another photo in harsh light

Four of the five players in Mountain Laurel (fifth out of view on right)

About half of the audience.  Listeners came and went all day as they used the chairs to rest from all the activities.

A wider view, but still not all of the audience. (Scroll to see all of these audience photos.)


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