2008 Bridgeport Fall Festival
Herb Lindberg

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Part 5 of 5

This pictorial report of the event is divided into five pages as follows:

Page 1.  Wagon rides, gold panning, face painting
Page 2.  Pumpkin painting, barn tours
Page 3.  Animal life booth, Visitor Center, Mountain Man (and Woman) camp
Page 4.  Music
Page 5.  Lunch and desert, blacksmith, live history visits, docent high jinks (this page)

Scary ghosts, apple and pumpkin pie with coffee set up before the throng arrives.

Ice cream bars dipped in chocolate and other toppings of choice

Three volunteer blacksmiths from Empire Mine HP create a work of art.

A popular item was a free ring, fresh off the anvil.  "Beaver Cleaver" shows off his.

Bridgeport history expert Chuck Scimeca checks history with an old timer in the ranger office.

Phyllis Kingsford with her arm around her grandfather Alfred Kneebone (played by Howard Voshell).
Phyllis is not playing a role -- she's the real deal.

It was wonderful to chat with Phyllis about her playing at the gas station when she was a little girl.

The day is winding down as Volunteers George Case, Donna Brown, and Howard Voshell rest at the gas station.

Volunteer Judy Nichols joins in later with a kiss for Howard.

Howard isn't complaining!

Over the years, park volunteers become very good friends.  Join us by calling the park at 530-432-2546.


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