2008 Bridgeport Fall Festival
Herb Lindberg

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Part 2 of 5

This pictorial report of the event is divided into five pages as follows:

Page 1.  Wagon rides, gold panning, face painting
Page 2.  Pumpkin painting, barn tours (this page)
Page 3.  Animal life booth, Visitor Center, Mountain Man (and Woman) camp
Page 4.  Music
Page 5.  Lunch and desert, blacksmith, live history visits, docent high jinks

Face-painted boys paint pumpkins.

A boy and his mother pick a pumpkin to paint from a huge stack near the painting table.

Park volunteers give helping hands to the painters, here to the boy and mother in the picture above.

Another mother pays close attention to her children at work.

The girl sets her mouth just right to paint eyes.

Another girl intent on her work

Both father and son are completely absorbed in pumpkin painting.
(Is that Beaver Cleaver from the 60's?)

An interested couple learn about the Jackson Fork Lift at the Historic Barn.

Volunteer Chuck Scimeca as Andrew Kneebone tells stories of Gold Rush era transportation.
The visitors then go to the other side of the wire wall to view that era's wagons in the barn.

Volunteer Hal Tieg explains the workings of a farm wagon to a group of visitors.

Another couple inspect the farm wagon as they head toward wagons in the barn.

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