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Phase 1 Construction to Save the Covered Bridge
Temporary Cradle
Herb Lindberg

Load was taken off the bridge abutments at the ends of the bridge by constructing a steel cradle on columns standing on solid footings (piers) at each shoreline. The columns were held in place by steel rods from the tops of the columns to four concrete anchors, two at each end, set back form the bridge.  You can see these details in the following four photographs.  This cradle will hold the bridge solidly in place until reconstruction is completed in Phase 2 to restore the historic wood construction of the bridge.  More complete and precise construction details are given here.

Half of the cradle viewed from the Visitor Center end of the bridge.  One of the four concrete anchors is in the lower foreground.  A 150-ksi-strength threaded steel rod extends from the anchor to the top of the near-side post.  The beginning of an assembly cable to the opposite post is at the top right of the photo. In its final configuration, these column-to-column cables are replaced by steel rods down to cross beams which cradle the bridge.

Another view of these details.

Both ends of the cradle before installation of the two intermediate cross beams.
In its final configuration the cradle has cross beams at the columns and at two intermediate locations.

In this zoomed view of the far end you can see a cross beam of the cradle (mostly in shadow, tucked under the bridge) and the concrete piers on the shoreline on which the columns are secured.