Malakoff Diggins

2010 Humbug Day
Herb Lindberg
Saturday, June 12, 2010
Part 2 of 2


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General Store: root beer barrel, kids at washing machine, blasting magnetos, office and safe in rear rooms, open heating stove, scales; covered wagon, parade begins.

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E. Clampus Vitus car, Main Street scenes, same kids, pretty ladies in costume, water canon in action, Buffalo Girls photos, Malakoff volunteer projects poster.

Brownie Troup 402 follows closely behind the pack mule.

E. Clampus Vitus is a fixture of Humbug Day, and make the best hamburgers in Nevada County as attested by the long line.

Happy waves

Even bigger smile.  And that's the end of the parade! Total elapsed time -- maybe two minutes.

Crowd moves to each side of Main Street in preparation for water canon demonstration.

Those on the street are well behind the canon, which is on the left.

Here are those happy children again.

Two pretty ladies in period costumes

Water canon in action (fed by a nearby fire hydrant)

The Buffalo Gals (which includes men!).  Jonathan Meredith on guitar at left.
Note: Names are from the Draft Horse Classic 2009 program, which might not be the same group, but they fit.

Ann Meigs on mandolin

Michael Bremer on Banjo

Margo Meredith on fiddle

Stan Sanderson on bass

Some of the Malakoff Diggins volunteer projects -- join the team!

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