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Swimming at Bridgeport
Herb Lindberg

Upriver -- Kneebone Beach

Several swimming holes are at short hiking distances upriver from the Pleasant Valley Road bridge.  These are most popular with teenagers and young adults, because there are large rocks to climb, deep pools to swim in, sunning beaches, and a sense of isolation from the center of activity near the covered bridge.  The closest upriver beach is Kneebone Beach, best reached by hiking up river left (the left side as you face down river, opposite Buttermilk Bend Trail).


Kneebone Beaches are the sandy areas in the distance,
viewed from the initial part of Buttermilk Bend Trail on the left.

A zoomed view from the same spot. This is the end of March and grass is green.

Kneebone Beaches viewed from farther up Buttermilk Bend Trail in early summer.

Crop into beach activity in above photo.  Large rock on left is used for sunning in later picture.

Still closer view of beach on left in above picture.

Family on rightmost beach.

Swimming among the rocks upriver from the above beaches.

The larger rocks make great spots to take in some sun.

However, please keep in mind that this is a river and it can be very dangerous.  Pick your
spots carefully and
avoid anyplace with even a modest current.  Current combined with
water temperatures can lead to disaster. Swift currents and cold temperaturesare
most severe in the spring, as in the picture below.

This couple and their dogs enjoy spring turbulence from a safe distance (if they don't lose their footing!)

Zoom into the rapids and the Maidu grinding rock, in the foreground below.

Crop to the Maidu grinding rock.  You can see two mortars (pits) near the top of the foreground rock.

Family Beach

Family Beach is just down river from the covered bridge.  It is a popular summer spot for swimming and lunch on the sandy shore, but remember, as for the rest of the park, no alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Family Beach and Wood's Bridge viewed from Point
Defiance Trail (the Visitor Center is off right)

The river current is slow and the water reasonably warm in mid to late summer.