Sorrel, Suksdorf's Wood;  Oxalis suksdorfii

This plant is not listed by the Wildflower Committee, perhaps because it is such a pernicious garden weed.

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Kingdom Plantae -- Plants 
    Subkingdom Tracheobionta -- Vascular plants 
        Superdivision Spermatophyta -- Seed plants 
            Division Magnoliophyta -- Flowering plants 
                Class Magnoliopsida -- Dicotyledons 
                    Subclass Rosidae 
                        Order Geraniales 
                            Family Oxalidaceae -- Wood-Sorrel family 
                                Genus Oxalis L. -- woodsorrel
                                    Species Oxalis suksdorfii Trel. -- Suksdorf woodsorrel

Sorrel, Sucksdorf's Wood;  Oxalis sucksdorfii