Spring Flowering Plants at Bridgeport
(SYRPA, May 16, 2004,  pages updated Oct. 2, 2016)

This booklet focuses on 96 of the more interesting and frequently spotted plants at Bridgeport. It is your aid to becoming familiar with plant names that can be used to share your experiences and allow further study in the Visitor Center and in botanical references. Above all, we want you to enjoy recognizing the beauty around you. Obtained via: http://www.lindberglce.com/SYRPAssoc/flowers0.htm 

The plants are organized into five groups in the following order.  The corresponding links at the bottom of the page jump to the first flower page that has a plant in that group.

Yellow / Orange
Red / Pink
Violet / Purple
Shrubs / Vines

Within each group the plants are listed alphabetically. In the printed booklet available at Park Headquarters photos are sequenced down columns, three to a column with two columns on each 8.5 x 5.5-inch page. It is more convenient and logical in this Web version to sequence the photos left-to-right and then on to the next rows. As a further aid in finding these flowering plants on the trails, each is noted with the approximate date when the plant starts blooming:

early = February to mid-March,
mid-season = mid-March to mid-April,
late = mid-April to May.

The great majority of the photographs were taken at Bridgeport (the first five credits below). Nine photos (the remaining credits) were downloaded from http://elib.cs.berkeley.edu/photos/flora/ on the Internet to serve until all photographs are of plants at Bridgeport. Photo credits (required for the Berkeley photos, and supplied for the Bridgeport photos as thanks to the photographers) are acknowledged in the captions by the following shorthand:

Photos taken at Bridgeport (77):
SYRPA Wildflower Committee => WC
Herb Lindberg => HL,  Andy Heninger => AH
David MacDonald => DM,  Bert Hall => BH

Photos downloaded from the Berkeley site (9): 
Br. Alfred Brousseau, Saint Mary's College => AB
Charles Webber, California Academy of Sciences => CW
Joseph Dougherty, www.ecology.org  => JD
Robert E. Preston, Ph.D. => RP
L. Kreps => LK

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