Volunteer Appreciation Barbeque Dinner
Sunday, September 24, 2006
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Judy Nichols and Patricia Warner

Sue Hughes and Tom Hall

Donna Denton, Diane Martin, and Don Denton

Karl Brueckner and Lorna Monax

Bob and Joan ?

Clint Gunderson and Howard Voshell

Gayle ? and Rob ?

Donna Brown and Dol.. ?

Herb Lindberg and Howard Voshell

Donna Denton and ?

Steve and Patty Pauly

Linda ? and Sue Hughes

Elizabeth and Bruce Sund, and Jeanne ?

Bert Hall, Caroline Lashbrook, Wayne Deese and Diane Marten

Jeremy McReynolds and Diane Marten give thanks to volunteers.

Don Denton introduces the main speaker, Steve Pauly

Steve Pauly gives a talk on the relationship between John Muir and the South Yuba River:
he and the painter of the river as it passes near Cisco (print shown here by Steve) were good friends.

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