Visit by Gold Country PT Cruisers

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Part 2 of 2

The barn, wagons, gas station, and Visitor Center.

Howard Voshell points out the Indian grinding rock and old concrete water trough next to the barn.

Before George Case continues with the story of the barn, Clyde Waldrop presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Howard Voshell.
Thanks was also given to George (at left) and Herb Lindberg (taking and posting these pictures).

Then George Case introduced the barn. Here he's explaining the Jackson hay fork in the barn loft.
Inside the barn he gave brief descriptions of each of the ten wagons on display.

The light was good enough to take this picture of George explaining the hay press (off camera at rigt).

The baton returned to Howard, who continued with an interpretation of the Kneebone Shell Station and ice house behind it.

The barn is in the background as club members look and listen to Howard.

Another view, with the Visitor Center in the background

A beautiful club member as we leave the gas station and barn and head for the Visitor Centeer

Some of the club members heading up the ramp to the Visitor Center.

Pictures were difficult as club members thronged in the Visitor Center

I talked Howard into this close-up picture of the club's Certificate of Appreciation.
We appreciated the club's visit, too!

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