KNCO Interview by Tom Fitzsimmons
Posted February 22, 2009

To let folks know about our Saturday/Sunday wildflower walks which are beginning on March 7, we asked Tom Fitzsimmons at KNCO if we could appear on one of his On The Town series that he gives at 12:30 p.m. each Friday.  He graciously arranged for an interview on February 20, at Maria's Restaurant on Main Street in Grass Valley.  Tom is a first-rate interviewer and had done his homework before appearing.  He expanded the show to include many other activities at the park.  Our main representatives were Barbara Pixley and Donna Brown.  Herb Lindberg was there to snap a few pictures and got roped into the interview as well.  All of this followed a reminder from Vicki Macdonald, Wildflower Committee Chair, that we should seek an interview at KNCO.  A link to the 20-minute interview is given after the background photos below.

Here is Barbara Pixley shortly before Tom Fitzsimmons arrived at Maria's


In this picture Tom chats with Barbara and Donna to put them at ease before we went on the air.


Shortly later the interview is underway


Closer view of Barbara and Donna


And here is the interview (hint: right click to open the interview in another tab, so after you begin listening you can simultaneously return to this page to view these pictures as you listen): click here