Visit by Gra-Nev A's Auto Club

April 11, 2009
Part 1 of 2

Eight Model A's drove onto the Virginia Turnpike at a few minutes past 9 am and parked near the gate next to Kneebone Cemetery.  This cheerful group toured the Bridgeport area until 11 am and then continued on for lunch.

Some of the Model A's parked on the old Virginia Turnpike near the cemetery

Park volunteer Denia Pearson proudly displayed her Model A as a member of the club.

I wasn't the only one photographing the proceedings.

Club members gathered first at Kneebone Cemetery, where volunteer George Case
passed out information packets and told of the Kneebone family buried there.

The Kneebone Cemetery is privately owned and still cared for by Kneebone descendents.

Then the cars drove to the barn. I was lucky enough to get a ride and take this shot.

With only eight cars, they were able to line up at the barn for a photo shoot.

All eight cars were beautiful.

Group photo taken from Pleasant Valley Road

Owners stood in front of their cars.

George Case tells about the Historic Barn.

Another view of club members near the entrance to the barn.

Inside the barn another volunteer describes the 11 horse-drawn wagons.

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