Rolling through History
Grand Opening of the Historic Barn
Sunday, September 16, 2007
Part 3 of 4

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Part 1.  Musicians, speakers meet, Wildwooders Barbershop Quartet, park and guest speakers.
Part 2.  Ribbon cutting by Hank Weston and park leaders, holdup by Black Bart, sing along.
Part 3*.  Living History activities: barn, gas station, hot dogs and treats, gold panning, wagon rides.
Part 4.  Wagon rides (6 photos), barn tours (4 pictures), Mary Lindberg and Craig, cute kids.

The audience scatters to the day's many activities, here to the wagon exhibits in the barn.

Others watch the Wildwooders Barbershop Quartet at Elmer Fairbanks' model A Ford.

Elmer explains inside features.

Others get hot dogs ...

... and apply all the trimmings.

This rock is a great place to eat.

Others prefer a table.

Here they get free apple pie with whipped cream.

Larry and Terrie Collins with their grandson.

Nearby, the gold panning troughs are very popular, as always.

Little ones get Doug Leach's guidance.

Ann Sagerdahl after giving me a bite of her apple pie --- hmm yum!

Still others take free horse-drawn wagon rides with Rock-n-Horse Ranch.

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