Rolling through History
Grand Opening of the Historic Barn
Sunday, September 16, 2007
Part 2 of 4

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Part 1.  Musicians, speakers meet, Wildwooders Barbershop Quartet, park and guest speakers.
Part 2*.  Ribbon cutting by Hank Weston and park leaders, holdup by Black Bart, sing along.
Part 3.  Living History activities: barn, gas station, hot dogs and treats, gold panning, wagon rides.
Part 4.  Wagon rides (6 photos), barn tours (4 pictures), Mary Lindberg and Craig, cute kids.

Hank Weston, Nevada County Supervisor, 4th District, keeps his remarks short and on the mark.

Hank Weston prepares to cut the barn-opening ribbon, witnessed by barn restoration dignitaries.

Closer view of action.

The deed is nearly done.

Proceedings are interrupted by a ruckus at the stagecoach.

It's being robbed at gunpoint!

The thief makes his getaway with gold and the Wells Fargo strongbox.

The wagon drivers describe the robbery to the sheriff.

The sheriff confronts a stranger who had been mingling with the gathering crowd.

"You're under arrest," shouts the sheriff as he holds up a dropped handkerchief and bag of gold dust.

With Gentleman Black Bart (real name Charles E. Boles, Bolles, or Bolton) safely in irons,
Patty Pauly and Don Denton lead a sing along.

Enactment based on a true crime at Bridgeport on December 27, 1881, but Boles was not arrested here. It was his
20th stagecoach robbery of 28
, from July 1875 to November 1883, when he was arrested and sent to San Quentin.
The laundry mark on a dropped handkerchief led San Joaquin Sheriff Tom Cunningham to Boles in San Francisco.

About a fourth of the celebration audience.

Another fourth...

Another ...

Other end of the audience.

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