Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Part 2 of 2

Some of the central area is now covered, but much remains to be done under the wagons as the crew works on.

Loads of granite keep coming, this one by Ron Ernst.

Lonnie Witzke, a real rake spreader in action.

Steve Pauly is wet with perspiration, as was everyone else (except the wobbly photographer).

Diane Marten checks progress.

A gas-driven whacker packs the granite.
Much more raking and packing, over and over, will be done before the floor is flat and smooth.

Wheelbarrows keep coming and going, Bob Peterson here.

The entrance to the hay press is the most expansive open area.

Nothing beats hands, knees, and a straight board to get a flat surface.

This part of the floor is starting to look good.

More scraping and whacking.

Building up the ramp into the barn at the hay press end.

A few more pictures will be added on another page when the barn is near completion..

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