2011 Bridgeport Spring Festival
Herb Lindberg
Sunday, May 1, 2011
Part 3 of 4

This pictorial story of the event is divided into four pages, mainly in the chronological order in which they were taken:

     Page 1 Road Test Band, artist's booths, improved Kneebone Gas Station, with clear cylinder gravity-feed pump,  horse-drawn wagon rides 
     Page 2 Balloon clown, face painting, make King and Queen crowns, ice cream bars, farewell to Barbara Pixley, worms for composting demonstration.
     Page 3 Arm painting, paper flower making, crown making, June's baked deserts, pine needle basket demonstration, Yarn spinning demonstration, gold panning 
(this page)
     Page 4 Audience listens to Road Test Band,  visitors read displays in Historic Barn, Mom with King and Queen children, hot dogs, chips and soda with all the fixin's.


Pretty girl gets a butterfly painting on her arm.

Completed painting

She shows it to her proud father.

Child assembles petals for a flower.

Completed flowers in cone baskets

Intent boy uses a template to mark off peaks of a crown.

Baked delights from June's Deli

Judy Nichols shows how to make a pine needle basket.

Yarn spinning

Gold panning

At the other trough

"Hey, look what we're doing!"

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