2010 Bridgeport Fall Festival
Herb Lindberg
Sunday, April 25, 2010
Part 2 of 4

This pictorial story of the event is divided into four pages, simply in the chronological order in which they were taken:
     Page 1 Bite the Bullet music group, artist's booths, singing artists, Park Volunteers sell raffle tickets, costumed players enjoy hand-dipped ice cream bars.
     Page 2 Young family in Mountain Man area, volunteers explain Kneebone gas station project, gold panning, paper flower making. (this page)
     Page 3 Yarn spinning, The String Sisters play violin and cello, horse-drawn wagon rides, covered bridge tour, face painting.
     Page 4 Face painting, Visitor Center, raffle winner announcements, Dave Taylor barn photograph winner, pottery tent. 

Pretty girl (Esmie Storkamp) in Indian garb checks out an arrow.

The whole family: Olivia, Deb, Mari, and Esmie Storkamp

Display tables in the Mountain Man encampment

Volunteer Diane Marten explains the current Park Association project: restoring the Kneebone gas station.

Project leader George Case, and prices from the circa 1927 era gas station

Park Volunteer Dave Anderson teaches gold panning skills.

They've dug to the bottom of the trough to get some gold and heavy stones.

Other park volunteers help children make paper flowers.

Face-painted Ella Taylor colors paper to be made into a wind spinner.

Another budding artist

Work down the table is more interesting to her.

Final stages of lily making.

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