2010 Bridgeport Fall Festival -- Ghosts of Bridgeport
Herb Lindberg
Sunday, October 31, 2010
Part 2 of 3

This pictorial story of the event is divided into three pages, roughly in the chronological order in which they were taken:

     Page 1 View from Pleasant Valley Road, pumpkin ring toss, Bridgeport and Halloween Bingo, ghost and spooky spider making, yarn spinning, String Sisters 
     Page 2 Ghosts of Bridgeport called back to haunted bridge, Halloween costumes, yarn spinning, pumpkin painting, hot dog barbeque (this page)
     Page 3 Costumes, gold panning, Kneebone gas station, balloon clown, Penn Valley Chamber of Commerce, The Blues Go Birding, Mountain Man encampment, String Sisters at Visitor Center, raffle, June's, bag toss into donkey

The Ghosts of Bridgeport appeared between two drapes set up on the covered bridge.

First to appear was a southern Maidu (Nisenon) Native American (played by Donna Brown).
Without the camera flash, this part of the bridge was lit only by light leaking through openings between its shingles.

Zoom into the visitors.

David I. Wood (played by volunteer Charles Atthill) told of his covered bridge and the Virginia Turnpike on which it stands.

Another costumed visitor

A girl sees how to spin yarn.

Donna Brown and the spinner

More costumes

Alyson Collom watches her daughter, Amelie Lo Jacono, paint a pumpkin.

Amelie Lo Jacono, intent on her pumpkin.

Boy picks a pumpkin.

Another pumpkin painter

Hot dogs and Polish dogs sizzle on the barbeque -- they were yummy!

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