2009 Bridgeport Fall Festival
Herb Lindberg
Sunday, October 25, 2009
Part 4 of 4

This pictorial story of the event is divided into four pages, simply in the chronological order in which they were taken:

     Page 1 Bite the Bullet music group, blacksmith, Halloween cut-out making, paper flower making, yarn spinning, wagon rides, Alkali and friend on violins,
     Page 2 Greeter station, rifleman and children, pumpkin painting, long rifle demonstration, food tents: hot dogs etc.
     Page 3 Music listeners, Bridgeport Bingo, face painting, bean-bag toss, animals of the forest booth, ring toss on pumpkin stems.
     Page 4 Wagon ride, Mountain Man activities, painted pumpkins, shooting arrows, gold panning, painted faces, viewing corridor in historic barn. (this page)

Here come the horses and wagon again, heading for Kneebone cemetery on the Virginia Turnpike.

Another area of the Mountain Man encampment

Encampment, with Visitor Center in the background

I happened by as this smiling boy stuck his face into the old-time-woman cutout.

Small sampling of the many pumpkins painted that day

This boy was a dead-eye with the bow and arrow -- missed the target only once.
That's a painted snake on his arm; no standard face painting for him!

This "Indian" looks pretty good, too.

Two gold panning troughs were busy all day, as usual.

A more conventional Halloween face painting, on this charming little boy.

His friend said, "Take my picture, too." He saw the result in the camera play-back window. I hope he sees this larger image.

Visitors study the transportation panels in the barn viewing corridor.

Look at those concentrating faces, taken in the opposite direction.

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